Borsa Vini Italiani in Ireland and United Kingdom

As part of the South Export Plan 2 in favor of PMI in Southern Italy, the ICE-Agency for the promotion abroad organizes the Ireland and United Kingdom Borsa Vini Italiani which will be held in Dublin on February,5 and in London on February,7 2019.

The South Export Plan 2 is a special program of activities, which aims to encourage the internationalization of PMI from the regions of the South by proposing a wide and structured program of promotional initiatives with facilitated participation conditions.

This initiative is reserved for companies from Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Sicily, Sardinia.

Italian trade agency

In the context of the initiatives of internationalization of the Cosenza enterprises undertaken by the Chamber of Commerce of Cosenza and the agreement between the Italian Trade Commission and the Chamber of Commerce of Cosenza, the wine producers initiative Ireland and the United Kingdom 2019 (South Export Plan 2).

The Borsa Vini Italiani is just one of the activities foreseen by the agreement and more generally by the initiatives envisaged by the Chamber of Commerce of Cosenza to support the export of local businesses.

The English market is of high quality and appreciates the prestige labels, as shown by the positive data in value they record.
Italy is in fifth place after Chile, Australia, France and Spain.