Good reasons to choose a Vegan Wine!

During the production of wine, in addition to grapes and yeasts, organic and inorganic substances are also used to speed up the process of clarification (which would naturally take place thanks to the force of gravity, but in a very long time) and make the wine more stable, so that no unpleasant deposits are formed at the bottom of the bottle between the time of placing on the market and consumption. Among these substances we find some of animal origin such as egg albumin, animal gelatin, isinglass and casein, substances used in the production of other alcoholic beverages and not, as the juice of clear apple, which is not they marry with the cruelty free philosophy.

Here are 5 points that we believe can help you choose wine!

  1. Because vegan wine is born in the company

    To obtain a vegan wine, animal products are banned in the company; the fertilization of our vineyards is in fact completely green: we use vegetable humus derived from vegetable residues from agriculture or human food. This type of fertilization improves the structure of the soil and gives the vine nutrients that allow it to grow in balance.

  2. Because the winery respects the vegan principles in the production phase

    If wine is the nectar of grapes and why should it contain animal substances? There are numerous cellars that use elements derived from animal components such as fish glue, albumin, casein or other milk derivatives during the process of clarification of the wine, to obtain a homogeneous clarity, and reduce the excess of astringency and bitter taste. A vegan wine bans the use of any animal derivative in the entire production chain, for this reason, during the clarification process we use bentonite, a mineral. Bentonite is a volcanic clay rock that is immersed in vegan wine to absorb suspended particles, cleaning the wine from impurities.

  3. Because the cost of vegan wine is the same

    The passion and commitment that we put into cultivating vines that are as natural as possible, that are strong and capable of giving life to a natural and genuine wine that does not use products of animal origin at any stage of the production chain leads to the same processing  not different from all the other cellars; the costs are very often the same but the attentions are different.

  4. Because it is a wine for everyone

    Both your omnivorous, vegetarian, vegan or raw food vegan can drink it all and your food pairings can be among the tastiest and most sought after. A vegan wine can be very structured, then combined with succulent dishes of the kitchen or fresh and lovable, as our chardonnay that combined with summer salads or a veg parmigiana enhances all the flavors of the dish.

  5. Because vegan wine is as good as others

    There are no differences: a vegan wine is as good as any other. Intense aromas on the nose and aromas and flavors that are also excellent in the mouth. Try to toast even with those who vegan it is not!

    vini Montespada vegani

    The Montespada Winery continues to support for many years the most natural production path, and therefore the organic and the vegan.