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The talent of transforming grapes into gold does not bind to simple color or a single variety of grape. The Montespada quality is also expressed in other shades, in white wines and red wines with grapes processing, often followed by a slight withering and from a patient pass into the wood.

The Sun Wine.

The Farm Montespada is located in the North East part of Sardinia, in the middle of Gallura, at about 20 km from Santa Teresa on the main coastal road to Castelsardo, in the municipality of Trinità D’Agultu.

It overlooks the sea just in front of the Corsican coast, which one can easily admire from the top of the hill. The Farm goes along the banks of the river Vignola for over 1 km and is situated in the valley, very close to the “Sierra du Cinqu denti”, in the region Giunchizza.