Vino Bianco Dolce Horus


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Sweet White Wine - HORUS Alcoholic content: 14%

Classificazione: Sweet White Wine – HORUS Alcoholic content: 14%
Description: This wine, is the result of a Late Harvest and a skillful drying of the grapes in boxes. The consequences of a careful selection of the most matured grapes in the fields, a meticulous slow wine making process at controlled temperatures, as well the use of a variety of specific yeasts in order
to enhance the aromas of the Grapevine. This Moscato represents the most intense variety of expression of the Sardinian Moscato grapes in an elegant and unique blend.
Features: The well ripened grapes are harvested, after an adequate period of being dried in small crates, outdoors in specifically dedicated places where the temperature and humidity levels are monitored. This is followed by a slow
fermentation process with specific varietal yeasts at a controlled temperature of about 18 degrees C. After a skillful and long stirring of the finest elegant lees,
the wine matures with superb roundness and complexity. The result is an intense, enveloping and warm varietal character with notes of acacia honey and hints of macerated maple juice, as well as an intense aroma and uniqueness
that only the Sardinian Moscato can so generously confer.
Vineyards of origin: From a vineyard overlooking the Sea in the North of Sardinia. A vineyard of over 30 years of age, which basks in the sun and where the rays of the sun reflects in the warm amber colour of the wine.
Harvest: Traditionally harvested and manually placed in small drying boxes.
Soil: Sandy soil, silt sands and slightly clayey soil, with a draining texture that is sufficient to allow the harmonious development of the vineyard even beyond its 30 years of age. The acidity in the PH level is typical of sand soil.
Aging / Perfecting: The Passito is aged in a large Cask for over 6 months, to favor the extraction of secondary aromas. It is then bottled and left to mature for another 6 before being put on sale, which will not be before the next
harvest. The structure of the wine allows aging even for up to 10 years
Available format: Bottles of 0.50L , Boxes of 6 Bottles per box
Burgundy White. Base of 450 grams.
Standard Natural Cork.

Alcohol: 14,0 % by vol
Acidity: 5.7 g/l
R Sugar: 67 g/l

100% Moscato giallo

Organoleptic notes

Straw  yellow with greenish reflections.
Smell Perfume characterized by the typical scents of the variety: yellow pulp fruit, honey and dried flowers.
Palate is fresh, dry and dry, characterized by a pleasant sapidity.

A delicate character to match with any meal: from those with fish, to grilled seafood and delicate fish, to shellfish, and to intense cheeses that marry with great skill with this great wine, with unique unique characteristics.
Service temperature
5-6 ° C

Why is a Wine Sustainability?

– Use of Green Energy by Photovoltaic source
– Organic fertilization with Green Manure
– Responsable use of Water restrains
– Use of light packaging (glass-bottles)
– Use of recycled Cartons x packaging
– Use of Closure Zero  carbon Foot print(made by sugar cane or recycled)
– Rainwater Recovery
– Not use animals derivates

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Spedizione & Consegna

Tempi di consegna dalla spedizione: 24 ore per il nord-centro Italia, 48 ore per i piccoli centri ed il resto d'Italia, 72 ore per le isole minori e Livigno (escluso sabato e festivi).(6 bottiglie, compreso l'imballaggio, pesano in genere 8 kg):

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